Thursday, December 31, 2009

Have a GOOD one.......

Monday, December 28, 2009


So I am totally missing everyones updates......It just seems with the holidays and all, I have been swamped and haven't had any time to read or update my blog.....but Iam getting back to business.....I have missed out already...So i am fully getting back on track....I hope everyone had a fun Christmas....We sure did...more pictures to follow....

I just feel this is the best way for me to keep a journal of all our weekly things....but does it seem like no one is blogging that much anymore??????

Maybe it's just me, but i still love to read and hear all about the latest happenings for all of you.....So keep them coming

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Missing Her

So today i am missing her.. Her birthday was a couple of days ago, and i know some of you will remember my post about her last year...But my grandpa came for dinner today and all i can say is that he is amazing.. I can't imagine losing my sweetheart at such a young age...She was so gentle, so loving and so tenderhearted...I want to strive to be more like her. I feel like life is too short to focus on the negative things, that is why i have been thinking so much about her. She just lived life to the fullest.. I guess i always feel bad for my grandpa around this time of year, but i know she is near, that is what helps me when i feel this way. A couple of days ago i had to go to the er..i thought i had a kidney stone...but i didn't. but i while laid there waiting to find out what the heck my problem was, she came to my mind...and how she must of felt to find out she had cancer...go to through radiation, and not have it be successful...and also being reminded of her withering body, and watching her body slowly fail her.. My everyday trials seem so minimal to what i have seen others go through...or still are going through. So today i missed her, and i have a thought of her throughout the holidays....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SANTA is back in Business

If you don't want your kiddos to be this............................ Then tell them HE won't come.......................................
Yep it is that time of year everyone.....Christmas is right around the corner..and if you are looking for a GREAT santa to come to your party, let me know...I DEFINATELY know a good one....well I might actually be married to one...He loves doing it, and it is just a fun way to have SANTA even come visit and tell them they if they are not good, he won't come back on Christmas has worked in the past, so let me know if you are interested....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Studio 111, YOU ROCK.....

Some of these pictures may fool you...he look so sweet in them, but man oh man he sure knows how to work over his mom and dad.....hahahah...Just Kidding.. He is a really good little boy. I have a good friend that i met from work that took these and she did an amazing job....I just keep looking at these going, " Wow little Boss man is already 2 1/2, Where does the time go?" He did a really good job that day getting his pictures....when we got home I said to him, "Boston thanks for being such a good boy today you did so good getting your pictures done, I love you so much," and as soon as I leaned over to give him a kiss, he said "I love you too, now where my new train set." Yep, he thinks he needs something new from the grocery store everyday....and to make matters worse, every commerical that comes on in the morning has so many new toys all the time, and he'll yell really loud and say I want that mom, I want that....even if it is my little pony set.....crazy kid....but i love him SO much...

Monday, October 12, 2009

ARIZONA.....i miss you already

This is the Arizona Flag...this post is a good idea of what i did while i was there...I had my camera but did not have batteries for it and the little disk...duh, im such a moron...but i had the BEST time there.........The weather was perfect. I loved being there...This is mostly for me to remember the fun trip.... This is who i went to see...ABBY. She is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet...She is so considerate, and pure FUN...we laugh, laugh, laughed the whole time....We were never companions on the mission, but we should have been...
We went and saw this movie...My One and is kinda a indy film, but if you have the chance I highly recommend it...Renee Zellwiger did a great job..

One day we went the Scottsdell Mall...It is amazing..Could thing im poor, because i could have spent alot of money there...and i mean ALOT.....

This is the Chandler Mall...also great stores. We went there three times...not once, not twice, but three times...count them.

This is the reason we went back three times...its not like we don't have a nordies at home, but while i was there Abby convinced me I needed a new BRA...and PS i love it...
Also we went to Anthropology, twice....i got a shirt orginally, but hated it on, so i settled for this below...the cute new hair accessory...out of everything in the store, crazy but i loved it.and it is perfect for winter...

We ate ate ate and ate some is a few places we yummy.......all of them. And the Neilsens....WOW what can i say, we also went there twice.....

This was the best pizza place ever....They have such good stuff we miss out on alot here, and it only seems like we get new restraunts after like two years that they have been somewhere else already....

I seriously came back cold weather that is...I love you Abby!!!!! THanks for such a fun was the perfect getaway..and i totally needed it. I also was excited to Jill and Joel, and fun

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Summe Fun part 2...well overdue

A few weeks ago we headed up to Park City for the day....IT was slammed...there were so many people up there...We wanted to ride the new coaster they have, but Boston isn't quite old enough.. so we went down the slide...he loved he is waiting in was hot so he got a snowie for waiting so patiently..

He thought he was so big doing it by himself....he was mad he didn't really get to do it by himself when we got up there

My boys are cute Right? I love this picture of them.

This was at the Zoo..i was so bummed, my camera had something on the lens so all the pictures were blurry.But we had so much fun there with some of my mission friends and there kids.....

This is kind of a random shot, but my dad rides his bike everyday so when he is in the garage getting ready, Boss loves to pretend he is going too....This is my helmet, but my Dad just got him his own and he LOVES it.

A few weeks ago also we went and hiked to Timp Cave...It was so much fun...This is a picture of my Grandpa will all the kids....It was so pretty up there...

Boss just Hanging out on the Rock...He had it easy going up..I carried him on my back the whole time.....
Also these pictures are well overdue, but this was at James and Annalees Baby Blessing for JJ..He is so sweet...This is us just all hanging out at the was a neat day.

Boss LOVED the cake..he also loves his cousins..he had a fun day....

And this is sweet...he was a perfect gem through the excited for another one for these guys... I can't wait for another one like this......Im not announcing anything by the way, just hoping for another one SOON......
It has been another fun summer...many activites and family time, which i love. Yesterday on my morning walk the air was a little cooler and I can feel fall in the air...i love summer but love fall as well.........Good times for sure

Friday, September 4, 2009

I wish I was this CREATIVE

and there is nothing else to say......

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is what makes me HAPPY

Jason has been wearing some Bandanas around the house lately, and so of course Boston has to too......He even drinks all the milk out of his bowl, just like he Daddy....He is such a skinny little fart, he needs all the milk he can get....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Year Older

Sorry this is going to be a boring post, but this is how Im feeling today......
Today Im 29 years the last year i have successfully done the following
-Finish a home
-Live in it for 6 months
-Helped my husband get through losing his job
-Moved out of our new home, and into a rental
-Played bunco with some of the funniest woman out there...( ps Im in two groups, call me crazy, but I can't get enough of them)
-Still working at alphagraphics, I didn't think i would still be there, but IM SO GRATEFUL i have a job.
-Trying to make new friends in our new ward
-Watched my husband have 10+ interviews and not land any of those jobs
-Celebrated with him when he got a new JOB
-Have FHE every monday night minus a few during the year..( this is a fav of mine)
-Go to Jackson Hole with my Fam.
-Watch Boston go from being a little Boy to A BIG BOY...sad
-Watch my grandpa cope with out his wife by his side...I MISS HER. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA CALL
-Try to lose weight...hahah still trying
-Having fun with my parents living with us.
-Got a road bike, but only riding it a few times..
-Seeing some of my favorite people get married..(wishing it was my bro or brother in law)
-Going from Stressed out to semi stress.... :)
-Finding happiness from the inside out.
-Going to the sweetest Spanish lady ever.
-RELYing on the lord more fully
-Going from Brown back to BLONDE...because they have more fun and my hubby loves it more.
-Having a LATE nighter with my Girlfriends from H.S. missed Sarah, Lacy, Christa and Jaime
-Paying off more then debt then my eyes can handle....YIPPEE
-watching people around me have hard times....I wish I could take it all away....because I love you
-Become a fan of FACEBOOK, Im obsessed
-Watched and had the best parties with my- in laws side of the fam and celebrating my inlaws 40th wedding anniversary.
-went another year without seeing my friend ABBY...but going soon (I PROMISE)
-did not hit the slopes, but this year is a must..
-Watched Jason get his Masters Degree...great feeling for both of us
-Watch boston go down the Alpine slide for the first time
-Have a brother and sister in law...GIVE IT TO US you
-went to the zoo with friends from the mission
-read and still reading about what happy people know......LOVE THIS
-had my best friend finally have a little boy

I know more things will come to my mind, but in all this year i have felt pain, love, exhiliration, sadness, happiness, and joy.
It is amazing how fast a year can go, and although it has been a year of unthinkable things that have happened, I know that Im still the same old VAL. Just a girl who wishes she was a true blonde (so I dont have roots) had funds to helps people around her, who loves to laugh and giggle just like i was back in high school talking about the boys we liked., and helping those old grammies that come in and get their copies made and there whole job costs 5.00 at the most, but they are there for 40 mins telling me their life story....OH wait i already am doing that .one...hahaha
It is exciting to see what will happen this new year...maybe a another baby, maybe a wedding for my bro, maybe more heartache, whatever it is I say, BRING IT ON. The Lord works in mysterious ways...I guess you never know what is around the corner......your birthday corner..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tons of Summer FUN!!!!!! And we are not even finished.

A few weeks ago we were able to go down to St. George to spend time with grandma Bev.....She is still so active at age 83. We had so much and so did the kids. We went to the new Pirates Island down there and the kids were in Heaven. I can't wait for the one in orem to fun We also hit the pool. It was like a 108 the whole time we were down there, but i love the heat. Call me crazy, but it just felt good to relax and bask in the sun.
Here is addison getting ready to take a dive. She was cracking me up the whole time....see below and you will see why.

Such perfect form......hiliarious

Little boss man strutin his stuff with the glasses..........

this is one of my favorite pictures. I just think it is so cute seeing grandma Bev reading to Boston. He loves Books, and he is starting to learn so much, so it was fun to see my grams teaching Boston.
We also went to a mid town movie night....The movie was super lame, but the kids had fun....and we all know that if the kids are happy we are happy.....

We also had so much fun at this park over in bloomington. It is a huge playground, but then a water park at the same time. The kids LOVED this....

the little rascal Parks, making that half smile- half (Im up to no good look) Boston Splashing around

T he play ground was so fun, and the kids loved it.

Boston kinda looking a little mad at me for making him wear that silly hat......hahaha

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A fun new website

My friend at work introduced me to a way fun new all have to check it out is

This girl is a freaking genius....It is a way to keep your romance alive with your spouse......She just talks about date nights on a budget....and fun things you can do for your hubbys out there....

Heaven knows i don't take the time to Thank Jason for all the great things he does for our family, so i thought i would do it know........and seriously I am for sure going to do some fun stuff off this girls blog.........
I hope you like it..................................

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Also i am reading this really great book called "What Happy People Know". I highly recommend this book...I am not a big reader but my parents gave this to Jason for Christmas so he can use it in his profession..It is just uplifting and has helped me to see that Happiness can come in many different ways....I feel like I am a Happy person for the most part, but it has given me an insight on how others view happiness......

Our friend Kevin Winzeler is an amazing photographer...So this week he went and helped Jason do some Art Therapy were Jason works......He taught the boys about Photography, and snapped some good shots of them.....I thought this one was funny of Jason so i decided to post it....I hate that lame shirt he is wearing, but oh well. If you have some time check out

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Following in his daddy's shoes.....

He is getting so big......isn't he??????? I thought this picture was so funny....He is just so much fun.....well most days..........

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So my dad and mom went to moab a couple of weeks ago, with some friends and they snapped this pic of my dad....So crazy, so I thought i would share...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Graduation and Our Little Boston....

This was a great day all around...Jason Graduated!!!!!!! He still has to finish all of his internship hours which will put him until Sept...then he can take the state test...He got his masters in Professional Counselling...which is great for me I have a full time listener and guidance councellor...I love it... His graduation was at the E center and it was packed to the brim...the people that talked were great, but the people sitting behind us were NOT.....oh well...
Me and my Man......

And this is what we came out to find after graduation....someone hit our car....little basties....But the sad thing was, is that someone got the license plate number of the person, but when the police ran it through their system, it did not match the car description. Needless to say we are getting the car fixed asap.
And here is our monster.....I mean our loving little boy Boston....Lately when i take his picture he is not so Happy about it..Little Stinker...He loves that dumb bib though...He always wants to put it on, and then on the back as well for his "Cape"

Always up to no good...

Just playing in the yard

We have been trying to get him potty trained but he is still having a hard time....I think he might still be a little to young....He wants to wear the undies, but never makes it to the potty. I couldn't resist this picture though...

And he is becoming so indepentant...Right when we get to the store he is always getting in the car to drive...he always says " me drive, me drive..." He is just getting so big....I think he needs a playmate soon.........ok so if the Truth must come out IM WAY BABY HUNGRY...