Thursday, May 1, 2008


So many of you know that we have been building a house down in Ptown, right bye where we are now...We love all of our neighbors, and love our little neighborhood, but when some lots became available we jumped on it......This is a picture of me when we first decided to go ahead with it....Now not really being a contractor or knowing anything about construction i was so excited and so ready to be a GENERAL.
So our house is completed and we are so super excited to be had taken us nine months to build this, and this is our big accomplishment for the year 2007....It was so long and tiring,,,handsdown it was kinda like being pregnant...very long.
Needless to say, this is how i feel now....I am so tired... It is been and overwhelming and such a crazy time for us......BUT we feel so blessed to be where we are, with so many great friends..I will post some new picts of the new house because some of you keep asking...but it might me a while..
I need time to recoop...How do people do this??????? We do feel so blessed, and we are very excited. Thanks to all of you who have helped...It is nice to know that i have such good friends...