Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Year Older

Sorry this is going to be a boring post, but this is how Im feeling today......
Today Im 29 years the last year i have successfully done the following
-Finish a home
-Live in it for 6 months
-Helped my husband get through losing his job
-Moved out of our new home, and into a rental
-Played bunco with some of the funniest woman out there...( ps Im in two groups, call me crazy, but I can't get enough of them)
-Still working at alphagraphics, I didn't think i would still be there, but IM SO GRATEFUL i have a job.
-Trying to make new friends in our new ward
-Watched my husband have 10+ interviews and not land any of those jobs
-Celebrated with him when he got a new JOB
-Have FHE every monday night minus a few during the year..( this is a fav of mine)
-Go to Jackson Hole with my Fam.
-Watch Boston go from being a little Boy to A BIG BOY...sad
-Watch my grandpa cope with out his wife by his side...I MISS HER. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA CALL
-Try to lose weight...hahah still trying
-Having fun with my parents living with us.
-Got a road bike, but only riding it a few times..
-Seeing some of my favorite people get married..(wishing it was my bro or brother in law)
-Going from Stressed out to semi stress.... :)
-Finding happiness from the inside out.
-Going to the sweetest Spanish lady ever.
-RELYing on the lord more fully
-Going from Brown back to BLONDE...because they have more fun and my hubby loves it more.
-Having a LATE nighter with my Girlfriends from H.S. missed Sarah, Lacy, Christa and Jaime
-Paying off more then debt then my eyes can handle....YIPPEE
-watching people around me have hard times....I wish I could take it all away....because I love you
-Become a fan of FACEBOOK, Im obsessed
-Watched and had the best parties with my- in laws side of the fam and celebrating my inlaws 40th wedding anniversary.
-went another year without seeing my friend ABBY...but going soon (I PROMISE)
-did not hit the slopes, but this year is a must..
-Watched Jason get his Masters Degree...great feeling for both of us
-Watch boston go down the Alpine slide for the first time
-Have a brother and sister in law...GIVE IT TO US you
-went to the zoo with friends from the mission
-read and still reading about what happy people know......LOVE THIS
-had my best friend finally have a little boy

I know more things will come to my mind, but in all this year i have felt pain, love, exhiliration, sadness, happiness, and joy.
It is amazing how fast a year can go, and although it has been a year of unthinkable things that have happened, I know that Im still the same old VAL. Just a girl who wishes she was a true blonde (so I dont have roots) had funds to helps people around her, who loves to laugh and giggle just like i was back in high school talking about the boys we liked., and helping those old grammies that come in and get their copies made and there whole job costs 5.00 at the most, but they are there for 40 mins telling me their life story....OH wait i already am doing that .one...hahaha
It is exciting to see what will happen this new year...maybe a another baby, maybe a wedding for my bro, maybe more heartache, whatever it is I say, BRING IT ON. The Lord works in mysterious ways...I guess you never know what is around the corner......your birthday corner..