Saturday, September 29, 2007


I meant to post this awhile ago when the cougars started their season, oh well better late then never....He loves that football..and we love the cougs!!!!!!!!! We bleed true blue.

Boston loves to drink his milk on his own now. But he still likes a little help now and then, but from his FEET. Seriously he is crazy

So we took Boston for his first bike ride and i don't think he was so sure at first, but after ive minutes he was out....great way to get them asleep

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Newport Beach....the place to be

Three weeks ago we got back from newport beach with 5 other couples....We had so so so much fun... The weather was perfect and the beach was beautiful.... We were one house away from the beach....totally perfect...All the friends we went with were so fun and we played so great games. The kids all did well except for little word Teething.... he did alright but man our little guy has some lungs. He is just so full of energy, and loves to scream. He sounds like a little girl, and his daddy does not appreciate that..... :) The vacation was just perfect timing and we had so much fun.......

My little sweet family at the beach

The Dog Stroller....

ok so everyone on the boardwalk had a beach cruiser, thanks to our friends they brought theirs from home......but the reason this picture is so funny is because honestly look at the DOG stroller....Are you kidding me.....what is the purpose of going on a walk with your dog, if the dog sits and is being pushed on the walk...what has our world come to......a dog stroller.

The water was so warm, and so pretty. Why can't i live by the beach........oh i know, because we are poor.....:)

Can you say CANCER patient waiting to happen

This was how far we were from the beach house to the was unreal

New Port Beach......HERE WE COME

Me and Boston in front of the Beach house

Goin, Goin, back, to back, to Cali CALI

So this is us on our way down to New Port Beach. We stayed one night with my grandma and uncle Dave. We had a fun night with them, but man were we ready to hit the beach......yeah

Crazy Uncle Dave......loves Boston, but Boston will have none of that.....Can we say "Spoiled"