Monday, September 22, 2008

MOVING........Does Anyone know where a good rental is?????

ok so we went from here, to the new house, which i don't have a picture of.......and now we are almost homeless...We decided to put the new house on the market because the twin home was not the same time as we got renters for the twin home, we had a lady from California come look at the new house, and she totally wanted needless to say, we have to be out in two weeks...that is right two weeks....I have been ok with this decision...well for the most sad to leave some of our neighbors, but at the same time i fell blessed that we have found someone else who will have great memories in the new was not an easy decision either....Jason has also applied for a new position in Draper with a company so getting up north is not such a bad idea either...with the market the way it has been...we could have been alot worse. I know that this is a challenging time for us, but i have faith it will all work itself out...i just wish we had more time to look for a place..If anyone has any ideas....i would love to hear them....or if you know of anybody...that would be great.